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Larissa Csanyi

Director of Transportation and Student Information Systems

The River Valley School District currently offers daily transportation to students attending district schools, students attending non-public schools within 10 miles of the school district boundaries, and students attending outside facilities. Additionally, transportation is provided for school district sports teams.

The District is under contract with the Smith Bus Company to provide student transportation services for those students attending public and non-public schools and for extra-curricular activities associated with those schools, and students with special transportation needs to buildings within the school district or to outside facilities. The Smith Bus Company has provided student transportation services to the district since 1979. They provide the district with well-trained, competent bus drivers to transport students. The drivers are observed at least four times a year in order to enhance their driving and behavior management skills. All drivers attend safety meetings provided by the Safety Committee of the Smith Bus Company. Safety of children is of the utmost importance which is demonstrated by providing students with school bus safety materials and instruction, and backed up by a strict discipline policy carried out by the building principals. All Smith Bus Company vehicles used to transport students to and from school, excluding some spare vehicles, are equipped with a DVR system to assist the bus company supervisors, Director of Transportation and principals with bus driver and student monitoring while on the vehicles. As mandated by law, bus drivers and bus company personnel provide students with school bus evacuation drills twice a year.