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RVSD Transition

1.  Welcome and Introductions 
2. Committee Goals and Objectives, Mrs. Constantino and Mr. Martell 
3.  Community Survey and New District 
        a.  Survey logistics and timeline 
        b.  Process for selection of Colors, Mascot, Alma Mater, and Fight Song 
        c.  Student involvement 
4.  Fall Schedules and PIAA-Mr. Leasure 
        a.  Presentation by Mr. Fogerty (Century Sports Nike, UA Uniform) 
5.  District Transition Webpage 
6.  Athletic Handbook, Parents Code of Conduct and Evaluations 
7.  Student Activities and Groups 
All students in grades K-12 can choose color combinations for the new school colors. Red and Orange are not permitted to be in the color selection. You can also give your idea for a new mascot. Please complete the google form attached. You have until May 7th to complete the idea google form. 
Color and Mascot Final Choices:  Vote to occur by all students on Friday, May 14, during homeroom.  Virtual students will have access to the voting form through their Google Homeroom.