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College in the High School

College in the High School is a partnership between high schools and area colleges. The program provides high  school students with the opportunity to earn high school and  college credits through courses taught on the students’ high  school campus. River Valley School District is working in conjunction with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Pennsylvania College of Technology, University of Pittsburgh, and Westmoreland County Community College. 

The following River Valley School District courses are eligible for college credit at the college indicated: 

  • CIHS College Chemistry (Seton Hill)
  • CIHS English Topics in Literature (Seton Hill)
  • CIHS College Algebra (Seton Hill)
  • CIHS PreCalculus (Seton Hill)
  • CIHS Physics (Seton Hill)
  • CIHS Sanitation and Baking (Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  • CIHS American Government (Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  • CIHS Medical Terminology (Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  • CIHS Psychology (Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  • CIHS English Composition (Penn Highlands)
  • CIHS Western Civilization 2 (Penn Highlands)
  • CIHS Calculus 1 (Penn Highlands)
  • CIHS Developing Educators- Exceptional Persons (WCCC)
  • CIHS Statistics (University of Pittsburgh)
  • CIHS Developing Indicators- Assistive Technology (IUP)