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Career Exploration with the RIASEC Framework

River Valley School District is committed to promoting future-driven buildings focusing on innovation and career exploration across all grade levels. RIASEC, the most widely adopted framework for interest measurement, is an acronym for Realistic Doers, Investigative Thinkers, Artistic Creators, Social Helpers, Enterprising Persuaders, and Conventional Organizers. The RIASEC language accelerates possibilities for all students by aligning their strengths, interests, and values to career-related learning.

Mr. Ed Hidalgo is an advisor, speaker, and trainer who partners with RVSD to integrate career-related teaching and learning.

The approach blends career theory with instructional best practices, empowering teachers to incorporate it into their existing curriculum. This model cultivates a culture of career curiosity within schools, enabling all students to develop a vivid, hoped-for future self. This innovative approach garnered national and global recognition during his tenure as the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer for Cajon Valley schools in California. Prior to his education career, he spent 18 years in corporate human resources and talent acquisition.


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